Packing List


It is recommended you have moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and breathable clothing.  Cotton clothing is strongly discouraged.  Once something gets wet at cold altitudes, it is difficult to dry.  Using quick-dry materials is your best chance to improve your comfort if you experience rain or sweat a lot.  Here is the recommended list of clothing:

Hand, Foot, & Headwear

Protecting your extremities from the elements is the most difficult because they are the most exposed part of your body. The rule of moisture-wicking and quick-dry also apply to your socks, gloves, and headwear. Here are the recommendations to keep your toes, fingers, and nose toasty on summit night:

Equipment & Accessories

These are personal camping gear items that are essential.  Focus on getting gear that is high quality and that are preferably made from lightweight materials:  Tents will be provided.


These are simply extras. They may not be required to reach the top, but they can certainly enhance your experience. Just remember not to overdo it with too much weight:

Other Items

Remember to bring these items as well: